Back in September, we were very lucky to be taken to Venice for a few days by Tom’s parents. They had rented an apartment for a week, and so we finished work on on Friday and flew out on Saturday afternoon to spend a blissful 3 days eating, drinking (strictly lemonade for me at the moment!), and wandering through the beautiful city.




We had some of the most delicious seafood, an excellent pizza (or two) and some amazing ice cream from Grom. It’s a good job I have the excuse of eating for two!

We also did lots of walking and spent a good couple of days at the Biennale. I’m still reserving judgement on this year’s exhibition as a whole (we went 4 years ago and it was amazing!). There were a few very good exhibitions (I loved the UK entry – especially the drawings and paintings of major figures in the Iraq war by prison inmates), but waaaay too many totally weird video installations with apparently little meaning that just seemed to go on and on and on.



It really is a magical city and heading into the canals on a private water taxi is one of the most incredible movie star experiences. Can I go back please?