Swiss Mountains

View from our window - The Cambrian

So after a two month hiatus, an amazing week in Switzerland and a brilliant few days off (thanks to the Queen), it’s back to blogging! It’s also back to work tomorrow, but we’ll ignore that for the moment.

Last Saturday we headed to Heathrow at bleurgh o’clock in the morning, bound for Basel. After a minor detour into France (we went out through the wrong door), we were in Switzerland and spent the next few hours enjoying the wonder that is Swiss public transport.

We were staying at The Cambrian in Adelboden and it was amazing. We basically spent the week walking, sleeping and designing wedding invitations – a completely natural combination I assure you.

I’ll leave you with lots of pictures because quite frankly it was BEAUTIFUL and I’m not eloquent enough to describe it.

Emily - river

Alpine view

Emily - waterfall background

Emily - waterfall

V trees

Emily looking at waterfall

Mountain selfie

Hill climb

Shorts in the snow

Swiss mountain view

Swiss meadow flowers

Emily on a hill

Cliff edge