Sunshine and Buttonholes

Anthropologie sunglasses

Oh my goodness me – where has this beautiful weather come from?? Here’s hoping it stays put (particularly on my holiday in a couple of weeks please!). To make the most of it this weekend, we headed to Kew Gardens on Saturday morning. As ever, it was completely beautiful and the cakes insanely delicious.

Emily Banksia shirt

I’m really pleased with this shirt – it’s the Banksia top from Megan Neilsen and apart from the fact that I really stupidly made the buttonholes horizontal rather than vertical so the placket doesn’t sit straight, d’oh, it came out really well. So I have lots of plans to make more, especially as I don’t seem to be able to pass a week without buying new fabric….!

Tom & Emily mirror

Plant Kew

Tom Kew

Emily Banksia