Shane and Catherine's Wedding


Shane and Catherine got married in the beautiful city of Oxford back in June. Bizarrely, I’d never made it to Oxford before, so it was a total delight to have the excuse to go!


The ceremony itself was in the Bodlean Library. Unfortunately, due to some very poor parking planning that involved reversing the car back through a very narrow lane to avoid a recycling truck, we only just made it in time, arriving shortly after Catherine. Oops. Luckily she hadn’t actually started walking down the aisle, but I didn’t have time to change out of my trainers or feed Freddie before the ceremony. I’m not sure breastfeeding through a wedding service is quite the done thing, but fingers crossed I’ll be forgiven!


The ceremony was lovely and Freddie grinned all the way through (once he was fed!) - he seemed to take a particular liking to the string quartet….




The reception was right by the river at the Cherwell Boathouse. The rain held off, the speeches were wonderful, and the chocolate cake was out of this world. A good day all round.