Oxford - Part I


As I’d never actually been to Oxford before and Shane and Catherine’s wedding was a couple of days before my birthday, we decided to spend Saturday looking around the beautiful city and then drive to the Cotswolds for a couple of nights.

Unfortunately it was chucking down with rain so I was given one of my birthday presents early, a Vintage Durham Barbour jacket. I love it and it’s already had a fair amount of use despite the pretty good Summer we’ve had this year.





After wandering around for a while, we decided to head to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. I’d always assumed that the Oxford museums were similar in size to the Cambridge ones (i.e. small but pretty cool). I was so wrong - this place is amazing, and huge!!




The main hall has whale skeletons of all descriptions hanging from above, and there is cabinet after cabinet of beautifully laid out displays.

We spent a long time working our way through each, before the little boy got a little angsty and so we headed to the cafe for a sit down. Not to diminish the value of the museum displays in any way, but the carrot cake was excellent….



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