An Origami Alder


We’ve tried a couple of times to take photos of this dress, and for some reason I keep looking really miserable. For that I apologise, because I’m actually really pleased with it!

Also, I do own (and use) an iron, honest.


The pattern, of course, is the Grainline Alder dress. Having been a huge Archer fan, I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on this dress and it skipped its way up the sewing queue pretty quickly.

I bought the Atelier Brunette fabric from M is for Make a few months back and had been uhming and ahhing what to do with it. It’s a really lovely lightweight cotton that is a joy to sew with. Unfortunately, it just has quite the tendancy to crease really easily, and it seems to pick up lots of lint…


The only thing I think I’d change would be to bring it in a little at the waist. I think with a weightier fabric, it would hang really nicely as it is, but the lighter cotton is a little baggier than I like. I’m also pretty keen to make a version with sleeves. I’ve never been a massive fan of my arms (although they are being improved by carting a small child around constantly) but sleeveless dresses aren’t ideal for an approaching Cambridge winter…




Next on my spectacularly long sewing “to-do” list is a Holly jumpsuit. I’d love to know what sewing you have planned….?