Moss Skirt Take 1

Moss skirt & Monki shirt

Yet again this morning, I opened my wardrobe and had nothing to wear. How does this happen? I buy lots of clothes (although have cut down massively in the last year or so) and sew a lot, and yet when it comes down to it, I seem to have very little that I love and feel comfortable in.

I’d love to say that I’d solved that problem with this skirt, but it doesn’t yet fit quite right. I do however, think that I may be onto something. It’s no secret just how practical, pretty, wearable and generally brilliant Jen’s designs are but it’s the first time I’ve actually got round to making any of them!


I somewhat optimistically made this up in a size 4 based on my waist measurements but it’s definitely more than a little ‘snug’ across the hips and an inch or two too short for comfort. But there is already a take 2 (too big at the waist, gaah!) and there will be many more. Seriously, this pattern is ace.



The fabric is from The Cloth House on Berwick Street, possibly my favourite place in the whole city. It’s not cheap but it is beautiful and I would quite like to move in amongst the rolls of gorgeous cotton. Yum.