I Made a Jacket

Emily - Minoru jacket

What a productive weekend. Tom’s 3D printer is now built and functional and I FINALLY finished the minoru jacket that’s been sat cut out on my floor for the past 6 months. As the weather is more or less the same as it was 6 months ago, it didn’t seem entirely crazy to spend this weekend actually sewing it together. In July.

Minoru inside pocket

It has inside pockets and everything! I’m really quite proud of myself. Although if I’m perfectly honest, Tasia’s fantastic sewalong instructions did most of the hard work for me. I spent the rest of the weekend cooking, sleeping, spending my money in Monki and watching Sharpe – that’s about as good as weekends come. Except next weekend when I’m going wedding dress shopping – eeeek!!!

Bicycle Minoru

Tom's shoes