Hazel and Victoria

Hazel & Victoria

I have been the very lucky recipient of several exciting packages over the last couple of months. The first of which was an epic haul from the lovely team over at Kollabora.

Amongst the goodies, was a copy of Colette’s Hazel dress. I credit Colette as the company that really got me into sewing. Although the Built By Wendy books first got me interested, it was the finishing techniques in the incredibly clear Colette instructions that made the real difference between sewing for fun and actually starting to replace items in my wardrobe.

Having said that, the patterns tend to be drafted for someone a little shorter than me, and the waists don’t sit quite right. Several years into my sewing journey, I am finally in a position where I feel fairly comfortable making alterations and so this is my first Colette attempt in a while. I promise I ironed it before I left the house…

Colette Hazel

The good news is – I love it (although I’m still not sure the straps fit quite right - I remember having the same problem last time, it’s almost as if they don’t attach at quite the right place on the back?) !! Given that this is the first actual summer England seems to have had in about 5 years, I have practically no summer dresses so this chambray number has been welcomed within open arms into my wardrobe. The chambray itself came from Merchant and Mills, and is beautiful. I’m desperate to go for a visit to their shop in Rye because their fabric selection looks absolutely stunning.


BHL Victoria Blazer

The other package that was waiting for me when I got back from honeymoon was a copy of the By Hand London Victoria Blazer. There are some really beautiful (and colourful!) versions of this flying around the blogosphere, I’m afraid I’ve gone for a fairly plain blue with a Liberty lawn lining. I really like it though, and when the sun stops shining (words I never thought I’d hear myself say….), I’m hoping it’ll go with everything! It’s really lovely pattern to sew too, hurray!