Hannah and Michael's Wedding


Hannah and Michael’s beautiful wedding, held at Burgh House in Hampstead, was Freddie’s third of the year! It was also the first one we actually managed to arrive on time to, despite a rather embarrasing fail at trying to get the pram on a London bus (It genuinely resulted in us being asked if it was our “first time”. Oh dear.).



Burgh House is hidden away down some of London’s prettiest streets, and also holds the Hampstead Museum. Although my sister now lives in the area, Hampstead isn’t actually a part of London I’m very familiar with but I’d love to go back and properly explore - it was really stunning on a warm September afternoon, and the views from Hampstead Heath are meant to be breathtaking. The house and museum are free to visit, and open 4 days a week - the cafe’s meant to be pretty good too!


The short but sweet ceremony, and later the really really delicious dinner, were held in the amazing wood-panelled music room. We also took some time, between vows and eating, to wander round and admire the other rooms, champagne in hand.




Freddie spent most the day causing havoc - stealing flowers from the bride’s bouquet, and flirting with all the girls. He was one very very tired little boy by the time we made it back on the train to Cambridge.



It was an absolute joy to be invited to watch two lovely lovely people tie the knot. I love a good wedding, and this one was really great. Hannah is one of the sweetest people I know. Plus, she looks blindingly gorgeous in a wedding gown.