Handmade Double


We’ve had a few weddings to attend this year and, as normal, I’ve had the ‘what to wear’ conundrum every time. Although most of my clothes are back to fitting, very few of them are feeding friendly. I couldn’t find anything I really liked in the shops (plus, I’m trying not to spend too much money as my maternity pay runs out unnervingly soon…), so thought I’d better get back in the sewing game!

Like a lot of my wardrobe, most of my sewing patterns are fairly high necked but the faux-wrap view of the Flora dress fit the bill nicely. Although I pattern tested this one, I’d never actually made it up for myself - my sister had been the recipient of the tank bodice version I’d made whilst heavily pregnant.


I know there has been a bit of noise made about the fit of the wrap, but due to lack of time I jumped in and made a straight UK size 10. This was a little risky as although it was my pre-pregnancy By Hand London size pretty much straight out the packet, this didn’t account for my current extra-large breastfeeding boobs. I can confirm that they probably needed a little more space, or a hook and eye in the wrap, but it did mean I could feed no problemo, even if I felt a little exposed….


You may notice another By Hand London dress in these pictures, courtesy of my sister Harriet. It’s her first ever homemade dress, and I think she may have caught the sewing bug, yes!!