Ely and Wicken Fen

On the May day bank holiday we headed over to Ely, about 15 miles north of Cambridge.

It’s famous for it’s cathedral, and we’d just paid for our tickets to go round when Freddie started to freak out screaming “OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE!” at the top of his voice, in his first major temper tantrum. We capitulated!

IMG_4801 Ely Cathedral

We decided to give Oliver Cromwell’s house a miss because he’s the guy that cancelled Christmas.

IMG_4809 IMG_4812

Walking along the side of the cathedral you get an incredible view, and there’s an amazing antique shop by the river.

On our way back to Cambridge we stopped off at Wicken Fen, a National Trust nature reserve. It’s kept as the Fens used to be before they were drained for agriculture. There’s an excellent boardwalk, and everyone loves a boardwalk! It’s also great place for bird spotting. We felt a bit guilty when we took Freddie into the bird hide, where some patient twitchers were there with their binoculars, and he started shouting “DUCK” and “PIGEON” so didn’t linger too long!

IMG_4843 IMG_4841 IMG_4839 IMG_4825 IMG_4835 IMG_4821

It is really lovely there. The reeds swishing in the wind are very serene, and it really is a hive of bird activity.Next time we go back I think we’ll try one of the boat tours or heading out on a longer walk.