Brimham Rocks

A couple of weekends ago, when we were up in Yorkshire, we took Freddie to Brimham Rocks.

IMG_5031-2 IMG_5011

As the name implies, they’re a set of rocks! I think technically they’re balancing rocks. Anyway, they’re good rocks and in a lovely part of Yorkshire! Some are well over 30ft high and they’re great for climbing.

As it’s National Trust, Freddie was also able to bag another stamp for his passport! We don’t seem to go anywhere these days if he can’t get a stamp!

The weather was lovely so it was insanely busy, but it’s big enough for that not really to matter.

No surprises, Freddie loved scrambling over them and got completely filthy in the process.

He seemed convinced it was the kind of place you were quite likely to find a dinosaur - and i’m inclined to agree with him!

IMG_5056 IMG_5023 IMG_5026 IMG_5007