Autumny Goodness

Emily Northumberland sunset

Oh it all seems so long ago, but about 2 weeks ago I was stood in a wood in Northumberland. Admittedly I wasn’t wearing the most photogenic of clothing, but I had just been driving and it was pretty cold, and my hair’s looking pretty awful (I think I went too short with the fringe). But the light was BEAUTIFUL.

Northumberland is always gorgeous, but we timed our visit just as all the leaves had turned red and orange and it really felt as though we’d stepped into a fairytale Autumn. I am therefore going to spend the next couple of posts bombarding you with about a bazillion photos. One. day. at. a. time. I hope you don’t mind too much….

Autumn leaves Northumberland

Emily Autumn Northumberland

Northumberland trees


I am still very much in catch-up mode at the moment, so sorry I have been utterly useless at replying to comments and blog reading – I’ll get there bit by bit! Super excited about this sewing course I’m starting tomorrow as well. I’ll try and get lots of pictures on my phone so can hopefully write a review when I get round to it!