26 Week Archer

I started making this shirt about the time I found out I was pregnant, back at the beginning of August. As I got progressively more exhausted and achieved less and less with each passing day, it sat languishing on my floor until I finally finished it back in October. And then it’s taken me nearly three months to blog it, at which point I can no longer do it up! Dear oh dear.

Emily - Archer Shirt

Anyone would think I was a bit non-plussed about the Archer pattern, whereas it’s actually my favourite ever make. It has had a lot of wear over the past few months and I have several pieces of fabric lined up to make more. It just seems a bit daft to make them with my ever expanding waistline…. I do however predict a maternity leave filled with Archers. Hurray!

As so many wonderful bloggers before me have said, making this shirt is an absolute delight. I loved every minute of making it, and Jen’s tutorials and videos are so helpful. I sewed up a straight size 6, just adding 2″ in length.

The chambray is from Merchant and Mills and the same as I used for my Hazel back in the summer. It’s a really lovely thickness, the perfect weight for a shirt and sews up really nicely.



At 26.5 weeks pregnant, I’m starting to feel pretty huge now. Sleep is getting ever more elusive and terrifyingly I have only 10 weeks left at work! Eeek!

I’m having a pretty good time eyeing up miniature clothing though, the Petit Bateau sale is particularly tempting.