2 Weeks Old

I know I’m a couple of weeks behind, but over Easter we headed to Tom’s parents so that Freddie could meet some of his great grandparents, and enjoy lots of grandparent cuddles. I don’t think he got put down for about three days…

Freddie and his Granny and Great Granny

Freddie and his Great Granny!

Tom’s Granny (pictured above!) is an amazing amazing knitter. She has single handedly produced the most incredible jumper collection for Freddie which we now have on display in the nursery. I am in awe of her talent – I have so little patience when it comes to knitting, I just get bored. I can’t wait until he’s big enough to be able to wear them!!

Freddie losing his shizzle

Freddie losing his shizzle 2

Freddie doing a Dad pose